Life after Death by Powerpoint

You’ve probably heard the phrase “death by Powerpoint” used lots of times at work.  There’s no great secret to how to achieve that.  In fact we’ve probably all witnessed it many times in the past!

But why not look on the brighter side of life with Powerpoint?

Don McMillan is a great exponent of the funnier side of Powerpoint and his latest video (below) is absolute proof that there is definitely Life after Death By Powerpoint!


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3 Responses to “Life after Death by Powerpoint”

  • Joanna:

    I am using the information presented here for a paper. Is there an author I can credit in my references? Thanks!

  • Sam @ stuttering:

    Howdy, I just appreciate your writing :D My bad if that’s a dumb comment, I couldn’t find a “like” button :(

  • alansweetsorrow:

    This is terrific! A must watch for anyone who thinks they know how to use powerpoint.


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