How to overcome the fear of presenting

If like many people in employment today you have a fear of presenting it’s more than likely that this fear and anxiety is holding back your career.

Lots of people just shy away from the issue and never get to the stage where they have the skills to give a presentation confidently. At most they are happy to “just survive” the experience of a team presentation and never really get to realise their true potential at work.

If you have a few colleagues like this then you also have the opportunity to overtake them in the career ladder, if you can sort out your own presentation skills.

And that is certainly not as difficult as it might seem to you just now.

Seven tips to help overcome your fear of presenting

If you really want to get rid of your presentation fear then here’s SEVEN tips to get you started:-

  1. Check out this website and you’ll discover a straight forward way to create a presentation that is both clear to your audience AND is easier for you to remember.
  2. Dont rely on Powerpoint for your prompts. There’s another good section on this site to help you. Using prompt cards is a great way of doing this.
  3. Use Powerpoint (if you have to) to compliment what you are saying – with images / diagrams to help explain concepts and AVOID bullet points if you can help it!
  4. Try out some of the breathing exercises we mention on the site. They are simple yet they are also very effective in reducing stress and anxiety.
  5. Look into taking part in a training workshopSkillstudio for example, run many of these all over the UK.  So if you are in the UK have a look at their website. If you are from outside the UK then look for some local training options because attending even a one day workshop with the right trainer can make a tremendous difference to your confidence, your presentation skills and to your potential for success at work.
  6. Take the plunge at work more often. Present when you get the opportunity and ask people for feedback and learn from the experience .
  7. Don’t give up – keep at it and over time you’ll have overcome the fear; built up your skills and be able to present with confidence.

Need some urgent public speaking help?

Skillstudio also provide expert 1-2-1 coaching in public speaking across the UK.  You can get some more details here.

And if you’d prefer to take part in a small group workshop, they also offer public speaking courses in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh. So if you want to overcome your fear of public speaking and become a more confident and accomplished speaker get more information here.



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One Response to “How to overcome the fear of presenting”

  • Carlinhos:

    It’s ok to have public siknepag fear, it’s one of the top 10 phobias1. I would suggest taking Public Speaking (the class) if they offer it in your high school or a community college around you2. eat a banana, it helps with nervousness sometimes3. drink water before you go up or if your throat closes up, eat a cough drop3.5 take a deep breath before you start4. if your hands shake, put your hands to your sides and have your thumb and middle finger tip touching; if you’re holding a manuscript, if there’s a table available or lectern around you, put it on there and glance down every now and then to see where you are try to use an outline, so you don’t rely on your manuscript word for word5. just know your stuff well and practice your speech over and over again (yes i know you said to not say this)but you’re up there to inform a group of people something, not look nervous in front of them (which you probably don’t) No one really knows you’re nervous unless you say you are, which you shouldn’t be telling them. Just don’t do some weird continuous action like tapping your foot or twirling your hair, etcif you really need a manuscript and do bring one up with you, something a classmate of mine did was literally write in the text pause , look around at audience oh also, don’t forget to time yourself during practice if there’s a time limit. It helps if your speech is comfortably around the middle of the minimum and maximum time when you’re practicing

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