Presentation Skills Training – Is it worth it?

With all of the information and advice available in books and for free on websites like our own you might well have asked yourself:-

“Do I really need to attend a presentation skills training course to improve my skills?”

No matter how good the tips and advice you read are, there’s likely to be a finite limit to what you can achieve in isolation. So the answer might well be a “Yes”.

Are your presentation skills critical to your job?

For many people today, the ability to communicate well and deliver business presentations convincingly is an absolute must for career progression.  And when you need to present an idea to your colleagues to gain their support for an important project or have to make a sales presentation to potential clients, your current job might even be under threat if you are not that good at doing it!

So the answer to that question “Do I really need to attend a presentation skills training course…?” really depends a lot on how much improvement you’d like to see in your presentation skills and in what sort of time-scale you really need to see this improvement start to take effect.

Presentation skills training options

If you decide to explore some presentation skills training courses, what options are there out there and which training company should you choose?

You’ve probably already found this site be searching Google for “presentation skills tips” or similar phrase.  (Or maybe you’ve come across us on Twitter.)  The net is a great resource as well for finding good presentation skills training services in your local country.

Presentation skills training in the UK

If you’re based in the UK then you can get help directly from Skillstudio Limited, the training company who have helped us by sponsoring this site.  Skillstudio offer:-

  • Public Courses for 3 different levels of presenting experience (from absolute beginners to advanced) held throughout the UK
  • 1-2-1 Coaching in presentation skills for all levels of experience and just about every possible occasion – held across the UK
  • In-Company presentation skills training tailored to your groups exact requirements – held throughout the UK, Europe and beyond

There are of course many other presentation skills trainers in addition to Skillstudio in the UK and ultimately you will need to make a decision on which one best meets your needs.

Unrivalled presentation skills training

We are probably a bit biased … but we honestly believe that Skillstudio offers an unrivalled presentation skills training experience in the UK – not only because of the results we have seen consistently over the years but because of what we know you’ll receive personally by attending their training:-

  • High quality, results driven; and fun training experience from a charismatic, expert trainer;
  • Personalised coaching with lots of constructive feedback to build your confidence and skills;
  • A lasting and dramatic improvement in your presentation skills;
  • And all this, at a price that is actually very competitive.

Skillstudio have been providing high quality presentation skills training consistently, since 2001. And you can see some this consistency for yourself in the testimonials published on their website from over 1000 people, some, probably just like yourself, who decided to take a chance and attend one of their courses.

Presentation skills training outside the UK

If you’re based outside the UK its less likely that Skillstudio can help you directly unless you are looking for some in-company presentation skills training.

But there’s still a good number of excellent trainers to be found.  Some of the feedback on this site is from presentation skills trainers – so read what they are saying and then try and make contact with them. Alternatively keep Googling until you come across a site that gives you the confidence that they can deliver what they promise.

Over time, we hope to be able to recommend a few good trainers outside the UK.  So watch this space for more information.

Looking for a public speaking coach?

Skillstudio also offer this service throughout the UK. So if you are looking for public speaking coaching in London, Manchester or as far north as Aberdeen they will be able to help you achieve your objectives.

They also run public speaking courses regularly in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Check out their website for more information.

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  • Presentation Skills Training:

    Knowing how to do a presentation is an essential skill! There are so many occasions when presentations are needed that it’s great that people offer training in how to create and present well.

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